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Flavor of the Month: Mocha Testing Text, 12 oz. auto ground resealable bag.  $7.00/bag


Here is our list of some of our coffee products. If you would like to request pricing or if you’re looking for something not listed here, please fill out our quote form (below).

My Specialty Coffees

Sandy’s Morning Pasture Blend  A light toasted South American blended coffee with a smooth body and complex flavor for a great jumpstart to your day.

Sandy’s Trail Riders Roast A full bodied dark roasted coffee blend of 3 regions. Wonderful sweet and tart flavor profiles will have you galloping back for more



Sandy’s Durango Decaf A decaffeinated drinkers favorite. Dark roasted, smooth heavy bodied

Sandy’s Vienna Roasted Decaf Lighter roasted and naturally decaffeinated. A nice afternoon cup.

Sandy’s Columbian Italian Roast One of my most popular dark roasted coffees with a nutmeg aroma and mellow acidity. Classic


Sandy’s Metro Dark  A number one favorite Italian roasted blend of 3 regions with a full heavy body and smokey flavor. Also available in fair trade organic.

Sandy’s Signature Roast A rich Italian roasted blend That is a definite crowd pleaser. Pairs wonderfully with your favorite chocolate dessert. Try it out and enjoy!




Other Popular Coffees

Caribou Daybreak (Light)

Caribou Signature (Medium)

Caribou French Roast (Dark)



Starbucks Breakfast Blend (Light)

Starbucks House BLend (Medium)

Starbucks Dark Roast


McGarvey Flame Room (Light)

McGarvey Golden Rule 100% Colombian (Light/Med)

Metro Blends (Vienna Roast, NW Dark, Mocha Java, Metro French Roast, Private Estate)




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